Thursday, August 29, 2013

FTU-Fading Cano

This tutorial is written of my own design. Any similarities to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
Template: I am using template 140 by Spawn. You can download here.
Tube of choice: I am using the artwork of Jose Cano. You must have license to use his artwork.
Font of choice: I am using Mistral
Plug Ins
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow Fat -Glow Width 3.00
Xero Radiance on default setting
Animation Shop (AS)

Let's Get Started

Open template
Delete credit layers.

Highlight main background
Using the manual correction tool, change main background to black
Click on image for larger view

Apply a texture if you wish
Highlight Mini Squares layer
Using manual correction too, change squares to color from your tube.
Highlight Rec 7 layer
Using magic wand 
Select 7,5,3,1 layer
New raster layer
Flood fill with color from tube.
Selections None
Erase 7,5,3,1 temp layers
Highlight Rec 6 Layer
Using magic wand 
Select 6,4,2
New raster layer
Flood fill with another color from tube
Selections None
Delete 6,4,2
Merge lines 1-7 together
Using manual correction tool, change color to white
Merge Frames 1-7 together
Using manual corrections tool, change color to a color from your tube
Apply a drop shadow
Highlight border layer
Using manual correction too, change to color from your tube
Apply Eye Gradient Glow Fat with 3.00 Glow width
Apply drop shadow
Duplicate Mirror & flip
then merge the 2 borders.
Back to your colored Rec 7,5,3,1
Highlight the flood filled layer
Open your tube
C/P to workspace
Position tube above the flood filled layer
Take your magic wand
Select one of the rectangles
Highlight your tube
Selections Invert
Hit delte
Selections None
Repeat this step for the remaining rectangles in this group
Merge tubes down
Apply Xero Radiance
Change blend mode to Luminance Legacy
You are going to repeat these steps for the other set of rectangles.
Only use a different part of the tube to showcase.
Open your tube again
C/P to workspace
Drag below border layer
Add Xero Radiance
Add drop shadow
Add your copyright
Hide the second set of rectangles
the 6,4,2 set
Copy merged
Head over to AS
Paste as new animation
Back to PSP
Unhide 6,4,2 rectangles
Hide 7,5,3,1
Copy merged
Head back to AS 
Paste after current frame
Back to PSP
Unhide 7,5,3,1
Hide 6,4,2 again
Copy Merged
Head back to PSP
Paste after current frame
You should now have 3 frames
Click your first frame
Effects Insert Image Transition
Apply settings as below
 Than click on frame 66
Apply the same Image Transition settings.
You should now have 131 frames of animation
Edit Select All
Change your frame properties to a speed of your liking, mine is 5.
You can save now as a MNG so you can add names later

Now back to PSP
Type out your name
Copy just the name
Head to As
Paste as new layer
Duplicate your name 131 times
Edit Select All
Than in your tag 
right click
paste into selected frame
Position your name to your liking
Than click to drop your name
Edit Select All
Save as a GIF
And your done!!

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