Thursday, March 15, 2012


This tag and tutorial were written of my own design. Any similarities to any other tutorial are purely coincidental.


Tube of choice: I used the artwork of Misticheskaya. You have to have a license to use this artwork.
Scrapkit of choice: I am using a FTU kit by Chassity over at Polkadot Scraps called O'Lucky. You can download it here. 
Template: I used a template from Denz Designz. You can download it here.
Font of choice: I used Century Gothic
Mask of choice: I do not recall the name of this mask. If you know or if it is your's, please let me know so I can give proper credit.
Tramages Plug In-Tow The Line
Mura Meister's Copies

Elements and papers used

 Paper 1
Paper 2
Paper 3
Paper 4
Paper 5
Paper 6
Paper 7
Clover 1
Flower 5
Leaves 1
Splatter 1
Ribbon 2

Let's get started

Open your template.
Increase your canvas to 800x800. I like a larger workspace. You can resize later.
Delete the credits layer.
Open paper 3 copy.
Highlight pink rectangle layer.
Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat
Paste paper as new layer
Selections>Invert>Delete>Select none.
Add drop shadow of choice.
Delete template layer.
Repeat this process for the following
Black square 1 & 2-Paper 2
Large Strip-Paper 1
Pink Strip- Paper 7
Heart Scatter- paper 6
Add drop shadows and delete temp layers.
Merge your circle layers together.
Highlight circle layer.
With magic wand, select both circles
New raster layer.
Flood fill with color of choice.
Apply Tow The Line.
I used these settings: 80 54 48 9
Add drop shadow.
Merge your dotted cirlce layers together.
Adjust the color to your liking.
Highlight frame layer.
With magic wand select frame
New raster layer
Flood fill with color of choice.
Add drop shadow. 
Delete temp layer.
Apply mask with paper 5
Add your elements.
Being sure to add drop shadows as you go.
With the clover, I applied Mura Meister's Copies.
I used swirl and the default settings.
Open your tube. Copy.
Paste to your workspace. 
Position into place.
Highlight frame back layer.
Select frame back with magic wand.
Highlight tube layer.
Selections>Invert>Delete>Select None
Add drop shadow.
Add name and copyright.
And your done.

If you follow my tutorial I would love to see anything you create!!

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